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Responsible data management toolbox

2.8 Training material


This training cycle was made thanks to the support of the Crisis and Support Centre of the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs (CDCS). This cycle is associated with the “Strenghtening the program data management of Francophone CSOs” project led by CartONG and co-financed in large part by the Agence Française de Développement (AFD).

It was delivered (in French and English) during an inter-NGO remote training in autumn 2023 for 12 humanitarian NGOs and 236 of their staff, mainly MEALs or field IMs (in 5 webinars of 2h30).

Its objectives were to convey :

  • Why responsible data practices are essential to their work,
  • A good understanding of data protection and responsible data principles applied to program data,
  • The do’s and don’ts to protect data along all the steps of the data cycle, as well as the key resources and tools you can use,
  • An overview of the current stakes and how they apply to their organisation.

The training material is divided into 4 parts, which you can view in each section below :

You can also download the training material in its entirety as a ZIP file here. The training is also available in French here. See below for other languages .

2.8.1 The different dimensions of responsible data management

2.8.2 Focus on data protection principles

2.8.3 Responsible data in action

Part 1

Part 2

Practical Sheets

We have compiled 12 practical sheets based on participants’ reflections following the exercises in sessions 3 and 4 above. Specific topics have been selected for each stage of the data management cycle, in order to identify good practices and those to be avoided. You’ll find all the practical sheets below.

You can download the individual practical sheets below:

  • Topic n°1 - Data minimisation as a mantra to have less data to protect!
  • Topic n°2 - An analysis plan to support data quality
  • Topic n°3 - Training enumerators as the front-liners of responsible data practices
  • Topic n°4 - Building and using unique identifiers to pseudonymise personal data where you can
  • Topic n°5 - Make an asset of your local NGO partnerships in terms of responsible data
  • Topic n°6 - A data processing register to map out and control your personal data
  • Topic n°7 - Anonymization - opportunity or technical challenge?
  • Topic n°8 - Data, the key to better dialogue between teams
  • Topic n°9 - Data destruction, the forgotten step
  • Topic n°10 - Community feedback to close the loop
  • Topic n°11 - Learning from project experience
  • Topic n°12 - Data sharing in questionable contexts

2.8.4 Responsible data management current stakes

A special thanks to the CyberPeace Institute and the Engine Room for their interventions on cybersecurity and biometrics and for the sharing of their slides.

A video of The Engine room pitch on the topic can also be found on CartONG’s Youtube channel playlist of the strengthening data practices project resources.

The training material is also avaliable in Arabic, Spanish and Ukrainian as zip files. It has been translated with the support of Clear Global with their volunteer team :

  • Download the training in Arabic here.
  • Download the training in Spanish here.
  • Download the training in Ukrainian here.