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Responsible data management toolbox

2 Getting started - essentials ressources to know

This section contains materials which should help you kick-start your journey through the different pillars of Responsible Data and its application in the aid and humanitarian sector.

This section is composed of sub-sections covering the following aspects :

Also, you can always refer to our IM Resource Portal to look up for meaningful materials. Every month we curate the list of resources displayed with the latest contributions found by our document and technical watch :

  • Pick a topic,
  • Type key words such as “responsible data”, “data protection”, “data ethics” or “data security”,
  • Use the advanced search options to filter by language (we pay attention to highlight resource when available in French and other languages different from English), organizations or resource type.

You can reach out to us if you wish to share your own resource, too ! Click on “Submit a resource”