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Program data self-assessment methodology

2 Flowchart

The flowchart is primarily intended for a public with little or no experience in program data management, unfamiliar with the field or its terminology. Agile and visual, it is meant to help you capture and start deciphering the field of program data management.

The tool will be useful for anyone wishing to quickly understand the topic’s major themes, the terms that are most commonly used, and to get a first idea of where their organisation stands.

Similarly, it will be useful to raise awareness and open a dialogue between different actors - with heterogeneous levels on the topic - by providing definitions and reference resources, which reading will allow for a common framework to be laid. One of the great challenges of this field indeed being not to put the same definitions behind the same words.

Please click here to discover the tool, and how to use it.

The purpose of this flowchart is thus not to give the most accurate or precise information on program data management, but to help organisations position themselves on the topic, by identifying in particular what logical paths to follow in order to address and/or explore a topic in greater depth, and the resources that can help you with this thought process.

We recommend using this tool upstream of the subsequent two, because taking ownership of the flowchart will help you familiarise yourself with the terms, and access certain elements for reflection.