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SurveyCTO Toolbox

2.1 Organizing surveys on the server

It is possible to organise the forms by groups so as to allow access to the forms of one group to one or several teams, that is, to certain users only. For example, for an NGO working on WASH and Child Protection projects, it would be possible to have a WASH team with single access to the WASH group forms; in turn, the Child Protection team would not have access to the WASH group forms. A 3rd team (HQ) would have access to all of the groups’ forms (WASH, Child Protection and other possible groups).

On the SurveyCTO Collect app, workspaces provide access to multiple servers, projects and forms on the same phone, whilst securing access with a password. This also makes it possible to have separate settings for each workspace.

Tutorial on Groups, subgroups, and workspaces

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