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SurveyCTO Toolbox

2.2 Configure security settings related to SurveyCTO Collect

The SurveyCTO server and SurveyCTO Collect application can be configured to ensure that users are required to secure their data collection device (phone/tablet), that they use a sufficiently recent version of the app, that they have data encryption enabled on their device, etc. It is also possible to prevent any third-party (phone/tablet) application from using SurveyCTO, or even to require a password to access settings on the SurveyCTO Collect application. All these measures are aimed at strengthening both the protection and confidentiality of the data collected.

Some of these security parameters are relatively advanced and must be adapted according to the operational context, the sensitivity of the data, the constraints (time, human resources, financial, etc.) that you face in the field, as well as any data risks. For example, it will not always be relevant or necessary to require the encryption of all devices used for data collection.

Tutorial on Security settings for SurveyCTO Collect