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2.3 Centralized management of users, roles and teams

It is possible to configure each user’s role in order to give them access (or not) to certain features for all available forms on a server (predefined roles – global). Using teams and custom roles, it is possible to configure each user’s role to give them access (or not) to certain features, for only part of the forms on a server. With teams, it is possible to make the forms in a group visible only to users who are part of a specific team; users who are not part of that team will not have access to the forms in that group.

Tutorial on Roles, users and teams

Scenario associated with the centralised management of users, roles (predefined or custom) and teams:

The Humanitarian Aid and International Development NGO Terre des ONGs has deployed SurveyCTO on the ground. Several countries, including Ghana and Kenya, use this tool for mobile data collection. Currently, each country has its own server. However, the organisation’s headquarters would like to set up a single server for all operations taking place in Africa in order to centralise the information and allow for each operation to deploy certain common data collections. Thus:

  • Ghana would like to deploy 2 questionnaires (Ghana Baseline & Ghana Endline) visible only to Ghana teams.
  • Kenya would like to deploy 1 questionnaire (Kenya - Needs assessment) visible only to Kenya teams.
  • Terre des ONGs HQ would like to deploy 1 questionnaire (Africa – Programmes assessment) visible to both Kenya and Ghana teams.

Scenario on the use of teams, groups and roles

To learn more about groups, see the tutorial on Groups, subgroups, and workspaces.