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SurveyCTO Toolbox

2 Access management, project management, data protection

Given the aim of this toolbox to remain focused on SurveyCTO features, we will only present a few here that we believe to be of particular interest. Please feel free to refer to the SurveyCTO documentation to learn more about other features.

Before you start creating your accounts on the tool that you’ve chosen, it is essential to bear in mind how you’d like to set-up user rights: do you want a unique account that everyone will log into with different access rights, or do you prefer differentiated accounts per sectors or surveys (if you have sensitive data for instance)?

The SurveyCTO tool allows for highly granular management of projects/programs and access rights for each user. It as such makes it possible to closely manage the roles, to designate teams with a shared space and to classify surveys by group; all this more extensively than most tools on the market.

Please refer to the following subsections to learn about the related tutorials:

Other features, which we will not detail here, exist on SurveyCTO:

You will also find the following tutorial in subsection 4.3 Bulk data deletion:

  • Bulk data deletion

There are different ways to share forms in order to fill them out and submit data. These are presented in the tutorial below. It is possible to provide access to questionnaires on the data collection application using a QR code and/or an automatically generated login guide. This helps direct users on how to install the application on their phone, and saves them from having to set up the application themselves. This allows for valuable time-saving if deploying a survey on multiple devices (phones, tablets, etc.). It is also possible to provide access to the questionnaires via a web link (access to all questionnaires or just the one). It is possible to configure the web link’s settings, for instance to allow (or not) anonymous users to fill in the form.

Tutorial on Submission types