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Covid-19 program data toolbox

2 Tech watch

This section is intended for operational NGOs and more particularly for “Information Management” project managers or any other person in charge of data management within a humanitarian or development NGO. It does not aim at duplicating the many other existing Covid-19 portals (see sub-section 1.2) but at filling a gap identified by aid actors in the field by compiling the key resources available on data management in the context of the current crisis. It is therefore not intended to be exhaustive and deliberately focuses on “essential” resources based on proven approaches and technologies that are considered easily accessible to all NGOs. As a result, sectoral solutions such as those dedicated to the health sector (e-health) are excluded due to their specificity and/or complexity to deploy.

This page will be updated regularly, do not hesitate to submit a resource that you find relevant. To do so, please contact us by email.

H2H organizations specialized in information management are at your disposal for any support request in the current context, do not hesitate to contact us (by using the above email address).

This section is divided into 2 sub-sections:

This section often refers to :