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3.4 Checking the overall mapping consistency

What is global validation?

“Global” validation is the last step before map-making and use of OSM data in a Geographic Information System.

Its purpose is to ensure the consistency, homogeneity and therefore the quality of the data produced in the project area.

Global validation is an additional step that we need on our projects in order to ensure a high level of quality for the data produced by our teams in OSM.

The global validation has to be done in JOSM, but not through the Tasking Manager.

What are the differences between validation and global validation?

  • Scale: Rather than validating square by square in the Tasking Manager, the principle is to work on the whole area that has been mapped on the project.
  • Method: This work is done alone in order to avoid to divide the project. The validator must work on the area on a global scale: the goal is to look at the project as a whole and not at a fine scale for both the geometries and the tags used.

This subsection is divided into 5 parts: