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Mobile Data Collection toolbox

3.1 Organizational capacity


Do I need training to use MDC?

MDC requires more training than using a basic paper data collection. Enumerators should learn how to use the smartphone properly (GPS, battery follow-up…) and how to use the MDC app itself (navigation, data entry, sending form, etc.). On top of the basic data collection training, survey managers should learn how to create surveys (online survey builder or XLSForm) and analyze data. Depending on the position training from a few hours to a couple of days may be required.

Don’t hesitate to consult the CartONGs materials to train your teams in MDC The Easy Guide to Mobile Data Collection explains the different roles of the project manager, survey designer, trainer and data manager : when and how they are involved in the MDC process.

Is it free to do MDC ?

Some MDC tools are free, but you still have to account for the costs of purchasing and maintaining the mobile devices to be used, as well as for the capacity building of teams. However, paying tools can sometimes better answer your needs (in terms of user friendliness, data security, specific workflows etc) and you should therefore consider them in your choice of tools when they can be better adapter.

For more information see section 4 Preparing your hardware and software.