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Covid-19 program data toolbox

3.1 Adapting your data collection for monitoring and accountability

Covid-19 crisis- how to adapt your data collection for monitoring and accountability?

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While humanitarian and development programs need to adapt to the epidemic by integrating the constraints of social distancing (limiting the frequency, proximity and quantity of “face-to-face” activities), the same applies to Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) and accountability mechanisms.

CartONG has adapted its activities and support to the national and international solidarity sector to the Covid 19 crisis. This note aims to answer the questions raised by several of our NGO partners in the recent days.

This note is intended for headquarters and field teams in charge of M&E and aims to help them adapt1 by summarizing the possible technological alternatives2 concerning:

  • data collection mechanisms
  • ways information is exchanged with communities
  • related data protection issues

The tutorial is divided into 4 parts:

  1. This note therefore focuses on the adaptation of current programmes and does not address the question of specific technological devices to be put in place in response to the epidemic, such as devices dedicated to health centres or medical workers, tools for mass awareness or information sharing, care or follow-up/tracking of contaminated persons, etc. 

  2. The recommendations below are mainly drawn from the existing literature on the subject, and are intended to be as generic as possible. They must therefore naturally be adapted to each organizational, operational and cultural context. The proposals for technological solutions mentioned are not intended to be exhaustive and are provided as indicative examples only. If all the solutions mentioned have been used for several years by some actors, they have not necessarily been tested or analysed in detail by CartONG. Finally, it should be noted that, in the current crisis, some organisations are offering their services for free, such as Nafundi on ODK, and that several solution providers are offering accessibility to their service for free or at reduced rates, such as SurveyCTO, CommCare, Ushuaidi, etc.