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Covid-19 program data toolbox

3.2 Form design in remotely monitored projects

Making the most of form design in remotely monitored projects – A data quality oriented approach

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The unexpected arrival of the Covid-19 virus at the start of this year has forced many sectors to adapt their activities and to plan around restrictions which strictly limit travel and social interaction. When data collection processes are remotely managed, there is often a greater reliance on technology to replace some of the quality checks which could otherwise be done in person. The risks to the quality of the data are therefore greater but well-designed forms which make use of the functionality available through ODK-based tools such as Kobo, ONA and SurveyCTO among others can provide reliable and accurate data and allow remotely monitored projects to proceed while minimising as much as possible the risks associated with travelling between different locations.

Building on CartONG guidance documentation on checklists for mobile data collection and designing forms with data quality in mind, this document provides details of the main approaches which can be taken, through metadata and multimedia capture, to ensure that data collected in a remote context is as accurate and reliable as possible.

See the “Data Quality” definition of the First steps with program data toolbox’s glossary.