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Responsible data management toolbox

4.2.1 Study on Data professions

Study – Framing the key issue and getting familiar with the tools

This study is the product of a workshop organized following the production of the tools that make this set of documents with the AFD-AMI project partners. It was indeed important and necessary to explain the method and the logic in order to accompany the discovery, then the handling of the tools developed.

This study aims to address the following points:

  1. Methodology used
    • 1.1 The approach
    • 1.2 Limitations
  2. Helping structure the field of program data management: a skill-based approach
    • 2.1 Structuring HR to strengthen a strategic approach to program data management
    • 2.2 The emergence of program data management as an area of its own
    • 2.3 … which to structure itself
    • 2.4 Different needs and practices within the aid sector
    • 2.5 A particularity of the French-speaking aid sector
  3. An HR pack consisting of practical tools
    • 3.1 Why these tools?
    • 3.2 For whom?
    • 3.3 How to use the 4 tools? In what order?
  4. Conclusion

This study is available here.