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Responsible data management toolbox

4.2.5 Tool


Tool and assessment matrix

A tool which combines roles & skills: what for?

This tool has been designed to meet the needs of Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) in addressing the challenges of structuring program data management skills within a mission or an organisation. It aims to provide an accessible synthesis of the different skills related to a role (in program data management) for a given scenario. It is thus relevant to use such a tool after having first looked up the document entitled “Structuring Program Data Management responsibilities within your organisation: 5 “typical case” scenarios”.

To each role (also each associated with a scenario) are assigned skills and know-how that are preferable to have in order to ensure the proper conduct of program data management activities.

This tool makes it possible, among other things, to:

  • Make an inventory of the essential skills and know-how for each position in a given scenario
  • Easily identify the recruitment needs and/or the needs for building capacity among existing teams or for certain individuals

Who can use this tool? When to use it?

This tool can be used by both headquarters and field teams, whether by a person involved in program data management or by an HR department who wants to understand what program data management skills and know-how are required for team members in a given scenario.

Among other things, the skills sheets by role can be particularly useful when:

  • Drafting a job description, for assessing needs and describing activities and competencies.
  • Recruiting (designing a test, determining the questions to ask during an interview, facilitating communication with the HR department, etc.).
  • Assessing the need to build capacity in program data management of some staff members among a given team.

These sheets are found to be most helpful when used in conjunction with other documents of the HR pack, in particular:

  • The professional frame of reference (which summarises the skill sets and their associated activities).
  • The proposal of organisational scenarios.

How to use and understand this tool?

With just a few clicks, you can display all the skills of a given role, allowing you to create or complement a job description for future recruitments, for example, or to identify potential areas of focus and/or training needs for your current staff.

To do this, we recommend that you follow these 3 steps:

  • Choice of scenario (defining the positions available)

In the Role_Sheet tab, please click on the box C2 and select the scenario (see page 4 of the tool Structuring Program Data Management responsibilities within your organisation: 5 “typical case” scenarios) corresponding to your organisation.

  • Choice of the position (displaying the different blocks of skills and know-how)

In the Role_sheet tab, please click on the D2 box and select the position/role for which you want to display the list of skills, all those related to the said position will then automatically get displayed below.

  • Viewing the other existing positions in the same scenario

Still in the Role_sheet tab, please click on the D2 box and select another position/role, the skill blocks will update automatically.

You will find this information as well as screenshots in the “Tutorial” sheet of the tool.

You can download the matrix here.