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Responsible data management toolbox

4.2 HR Pack


HR Pack in program data management for international development CSOs

The HR pack is a continuation of the first study published by CartONG in September 2020 entitled: “Program data: the silver bullet of the humanitarian and development sectors? Panorama of the practices and needs of francophone CSOs”.

Why an HR pack?

The need to strengthen the clarity of leadership and responsibility for program data management and the need to design solid and coherent program data management strategies are two of the six main issues highlighted in this study. The intertwining of these two topics suggests a strong need for CSOs in the sector to be supported in developing HR strategies for program data management.

The goal of this HR package is to provide methodological support to international development CSOs in order to help them better structure their human resources in program data management.

This goal is achieved through a dual approach. First, a formal identification of HR skills in program data management, followed by the provision of practical tools to facilitate the organization, recruitment and training on program data management skills within international development CSOs.

The HR pack can be used at every stage of the HR cycle: from identifying the HR need to structuring program data management skills, through to recruiting and/or training the right person or people within a work organization that is itself adapted to the type of CSO in question.

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Who is the HR package for?

While these tools are intended to be accessible to human resources specialists, they have also been designed for “technical advisors” specializing in program data management or monitoring and evaluation, with a view to facilitating the structuring of program data management teams, recruitment work, and the development of skills in the field.

This document set will also be useful for international development training institutes, to enable them to develop or integrate a program data management training program.

The whole HR pack is available in a compressed format that can be downloaded here.

Originally published in March 2021, this set of documents was revised, expanded and adapted to the toolbox format in August 2022 as part of the project “Advancing Responsible Data Management Practices within the Aid Sector” in partnership with and with the support of the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs.

In this section, you can access the following documents and tools: