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Mobile Data Collection toolbox

4.1.3 Choosing and setting up your mobile app

Choosing the mobile app for your data collection will often be obvious based on the server you have chosen.

Note: If your choice of server was KoBoToolbox, you however have open to you the possibility of using ODK Collect or Kobo Collect. It is however at this stage recommended to use ODK Collect for data collection with KoBoToolbox rather than the Kobo Collect app, because it generally offers extra and more updated features and bug fixes (Kobo Collect is a fork from ODK Collect). You can check this post on the ODK Forum on that subject.

However, keep in mind that you are usually not obligated to use an app, there is often the option to use a web browser such as Enketo (this is sometimes used when the visual design of the form is particularly important and the features of a webform therefore seem more adequate, although many other features available in an app may no longer be used).

To set up your mobile app, you will need to refer to the documentation of the solution you have chosen. If it is ODK, you can refer to the next section!