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Mobile Data Collection toolbox

4.1 Preparing your software

Which mobile data collection application to choose with which survey management platform? This section aims to answer these technical questions by giving you comparison criteria and examples of how to configure these tools.

It is composed of 4 sub-sections:

By software we mean the web platform (also called server) to design and manage your surveys (e.g. KoBoToolbox). Depending on the software, the mobile application can either be the same tool (e.g. SurveyCTO) or a different one (e.g. ODK Collect works with several different web servers such as ODK Central, KoboToolbox).

Note: In our example, the KoBoToolbox web platform is used in combination with the ODK Collect application (although there is a Kobo Collect application).

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To get an idea on how to work fully offline with an MDC system, see all the documentation of UNHCR on the SENS project (use of Aggregate, use of a raspberry PI, etc.).