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Mobile Data Collection toolbox

4 Preparing your hardware and software

Now that you have decided that MDC is a suitable data collection method for your survey needs, you will need to choose your working tool(s) before designing your form. As there are multiple possibilities, this section is here to help you with this task by providing criteria for comparing tools according to your needs.

It is composed of 2 sub-sections :

Note: Unlike the other sections, this one is not built in a chronological way. There is no recommendation to choose your hardware or software before the other. You may already have a mobile device and need to determine which MDC tools are suitable for your needs, or you may need to use your organisation’s MDC tools and purchase new mobile devices. For this reason, the parts concerning the configuration of the data collection application on your mobile device are directly integrated in section 4.1. Preparing your software.

This part of the toolkit often refers to the Data Protection toolkit.