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Covid-19 program data toolbox

4.1 Remote data collection tools for call-based surveys

Benchmark of remote data collection tools for call-based surveys

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🔗 Resource available here.

This resource is available as a ZIP file containing a benchmark and a decision tree.

The benchmarking document presents an overview of the types of computerized support solutions available for call-based surveys for humanitarian and development NGOs having to adapt their field practices to the physical distancing constraints of the current Covid-19 pandemic.

It also includes guidance to help them select the type of tool, with different scenarios that organisations can relate to, and a detailed comparison of some of the categories of tools less known by the sector.

The tool comparison was done in August and September 2020 by staff members of CartONG, based on documentation available online and through the testing of the solutions.

The decision tree will help you determine which category of tools will suit your project the most!

More information available in section 4.1.1 Choosing and setting up your software of the Mobile Data Collection toolbox.