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Responsible data management toolbox

5 The human pillar and affected populations

As the Engine Room explains in its Responsible Data Handbook, “Sometimes, it is easy to get caught up in the technical aspects of collecting and managing data, and forget that we are working with information about human beings and their lives. It is crucial to be responsible, open, transparent and inclusive in the data collection process, creating clear mechanisms for engagement and feedback, and always keeping in mind who is being described and who, ultimately, should have the last word. ”

If you act through this lens, a majority of your actions should be responsible, if you are aware of and in command of the tools and methods at your disposal. But keep in mind that your interventions are taking place in a changing technological sector in which it is difficult to know the ins and outs of certain choices.

This section aims to provide you with the appropriate tools to implement principles of accountability towards affected populations, by addressing the issue of their rights, risk assessments and the highly controversial issue of consent.

This section is divided into 5 subsections: