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Mobile Data Collection toolbox

5.6.6 Quality control

  • Quality control: The default metadata are start time and end time. It is strongly advised to add a way to identify which phone has recorded the data (e.g. by adding “device id” in the metadata). You can see this video tutorial on how to collect metadata on KoBoToolbox, XLSForm and ODK Collect (Humanitarian Data Solution).

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Here is the meaning for each meta question:

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Source: KoBoToolbox

  • Quality control : Additionally to classic metadata you can use an audit log tool that will help you know for example which questions take a longer time to answer or understand how your form is browsed.
  • Don’t forget to regularly save your form. In KoBoToolbox you have to click the “save” button: INSERT IMAGE
  • Make sure the order of your questions is logical. In KoBoToolbox the questions’ order can be changed easily. Just drag and drop the question where you want to position it.
  • All forms created with the online form builder can be exported into XLSForm (to be read with Excel) or XML (to be copied into a phone). It can also be cloned or shared with others. It is good practice is to export the XLSForm when you deploy a survey to preserve a version of the project form.

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  • It is good to regularly preview and test the form, especially when there are many questions and/or involving more advanced features such as skip logic, validation criteria, cascading question. However, note that some features do not work in certain mode so make sure you also test the form on the mode you will use (web browser, mobile app…).