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Quantitative data analysis Toolbox

6 The case study

The analysis and excel toolkits will incorporate a set of fake data that has been generated based on a ‘real-world’ scenario in the humanitarian sector. The case study will include review and analysis of a ‘typical’ dataset.

The dataset will provide an overview of responses to survey questions focused on household demographics, basic household needs and common standardized indicators in cash-based and food security programming. Analysis examples will therefore include common calculations needed in the humanitarian sector, including disaggregation of findings between different regions.

The case study will include data according to the following themes: 1) household demographic characteristics; 2) household basic needs; and 3) commonly used and standardized food security indicators.

This section is divided into 3 sub-sections:

The XLSForm (survey) for the case study can be found here.

The raw data, analysis plan, and analysis can be found in different tabs on the Excel file, found here.