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Responsible data management toolbox

6 Concrete application of Responsible Data management

This section aims to illustrate a few typical situations in the Humanitarian Aid and International Development sector in terms of responsible program data management by revisiting the program data cycle.

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It is not meant to be exhaustive, but to highlight typical situations that you might need to address, as food for thought.

For each stage of the project cycle:

On the following pages, you will find:

  • Several simple case studies that will lead you to reflect on:
  • The given situation
  • The potential risks
  • What to do? How to react?
  • How could the situation have been avoided?
  • Key resources

Key resource:

We have compiled 12 practical sheets based on participants’ reflections following the exercises of an inter-NGO distance training cycle in autumn 2023 for 12 humanitarian NGOs and 236 of their staff, mainly MEALs or field IMs. Specific topics have been selected for each stage of the data management cycle, in order to identify good practices and those to be avoided. You can find all the practical sheets below: