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Mobile Data Collection toolbox

8.1 Pre-deployment recommendations

A few logistical reminders can also be made to avoid bad surprises in the data quality or to avoid field issues:

  • Deploy from a clean slate: Empty all previous test or real data / forms from the phone to avoid “noise” or an enumerator selecting the wrong form or wrong form version, delete any unnecessary apps and media (pictures, videos, sounds, files) to gain space.
  • Update your phones’ general settings (date and time, language, time for screen saver mode, etc.) and the apps you mean to use to avoid manipulation or technical issues
  • Check the GPS precision of your devices if required, as well as **camera quality (if you are scanning barcodes, QR codes or need high quality pictures…). To improve location check this tutorial on ODK Collect and the part 4.2.2 Managing your mobile device - Troubleshooting tips & optimization
  • Print paper back-ups, user guides or paper help sheets when necessary (HH composition, etc.). Print also relevant paper version of the electronic forms and all other supporting material needed for field enumerators to get the electronic data collection job done in the best conditions possible (HH composition forms, etc.).
  • Clarify the roles and responsibilities related to the electronic data collection and general life cycle of the submissions (who validates, who sends, etc.) so that the procedures are well determined