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Mobile Data Collection toolbox

9 Analysing your data

Once the collection is complete, all your data is aggregated and stored online in your collection platform. How do you move on to analysis? This analysis phase, which is prepared prior to collection, requires the use of tools to interpret and format the data collected. The choice of tools and the importation of collected data to them according to the analyses sought are treated in this section.

This section is composed of 2 sub-sections:

More generally, this part of the toolkit will often refers to :

  • The Data Analysis toolkit, which provides an understanding of the basic principles and tricks of data analysis;
  • The Excel toolkit, which explains in more detail the practical application of this tool widely used by humanitarian and development actors;
  • The Data Visualisation toolkit, which introduces you to the creation of relevant and effective data visualisations.

Basic methods and best practices for data analysis are detailed in the Data Analysis Toolkit. In particular, you should look at