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Boîte à outils données programmes Covid-19

2.2 Ressources générales et autres portails


2.2.1 Portails de ressources génériques

  • EN: CERAH Geneva, in partnership with the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health and the London School of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene, launched (article April 20, 2020) the Humanitarian open-access, online platform of new and best practices, for use by humanitarian actors in preparedness and response to COVID-19 (updated regularly).
  • EN: The New Humanitarian track proposed updates on how humanitarian aid is being affected and a dedicated coronavirus newsletter.
  • EN: WHO Partners Platform collates all of the WHO advice and guidance for those responding to Covid-19.
  • EN: ACAPS Covid project is sharing global analysis, providing a broad overview of the situation overall, as well as context specific analysis, with a narrower focus on regions, countries and crisis hot spots.
  • EN: Cambridge University Press is compiling Country responses to Covid-19 (updated regularly).
  • EN: Resource material per cluster from Humanitarian Response.
  • EN: The Poynter Institute created a fact checking database of worldwide articles to prevent misinformation on Covid-19.
  • EN: IPA launched RECOVR, a research hub for researchers and decision-makers working in low- and middle-income countries.
  • EN-FR: The Office of the High Commissioner of the Human Rights released a covid web page on Covid -19 and Human rights dimension (English - French) with a guidance on emergency measures (english).
  • EN-FR: The URD has developed an resources, lessons learned and evaluations observatory in the context of the Covid-19 crisis (April 2020). French version available here.
  • EN-FR: Solidarités International has compiled a portal of resources and guidances for programs.

2.2.2 Portails de ressources Suivi et Evaluation

  • EN: EES has compiled a list of relevant articles, blog posts and trainings linked with M&E.
  • EN: The Evaluation Support Service to the DG DEVCO of the European Commission have started to compile resources related to evaluation in time of crisis.

2.2.3 Portails de ressources redevabilité & mobilisation communautaire

  • EN: CDAC is offering a selection of resources linked to the communication with affected communities.
  • EN: Connect:Covid-19 from Internews, Translators without Borders, BBC Media Action, and Evidence Aidis a weekly digest that will connect you with quality resources and fact-checked information designed to combat misinformation in the Covid-19 crisis.
  • EN: IFRC’s Community Engagement Hub continues to share community engagement and accountability into your Covid-19 operations. Especially, this resource provides recommendations on volunteers social mobilisation in remote context.
  • EN: IASC has created a portal of tools and resources aimed at those working on accountability and inclusivity in humanitarian response and a portal related to documents concerning readiness and response.
  • EN: TWB is offering a glossary, resources for lower literacy level context and language data.

2.2.4 Portails de formation

  • EN: Disaster-ready free training course for help responders of Covid-19 to learn more about the virus and steps to prevent its spread.
  • EN: Save the Children and Humanitarian Leadership academy collaborated on this Open access pathway for partners and local responders.

To see other resources related to information management developed by CartONG, you can consult the Mobile Data Collection Toolkit and in particular the Data Visualization Toolkit!