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Boîte à outils données programmes Covid-19

2.2 Ressources générales et autres portails


2.2.1 Portails de ressources génériques

  • EN: The New Humanitarian track proposed updates on how humanitarian aid is being affected and a dedicated coronavirus newsletter.
  • EN: WHO Partners Platform collates all of the WHO advice and guidance for those responding to Covid-19.
  • EN: ACAPS Covid project is sharing global analysis, providing a broad overview of the situation overall, as well as context specific analysis, with a narrower focus on regions, countries and crisis hot spots.
  • EN: Cambridge University Press is compiling Country responses to Covid-19 (updated regularly).
  • EN: Resource material per cluster from Humanitarian Response.
  • EN: The Poynter Institute created a fact checking database of worldwide articles to prevent misinformation on Covid-19.
  • EN: IPA launched RECOVR, a research hub for researchers and decision-makers working in low- and middle-income countries.
  • EN-FR: The Office of the High Commissioner of the Human Rights released a covid web page on Covid -19 and Human rights dimension (English - French) with a guidance on emergency measures (english).
  • EN-FR: The URD has developed an resources, lessons learned and evaluations observatory in the context of the Covid-19 crisis (April 2020). French version available here.
  • EN-FR: Solidarités International has compiled a portal of resources and guidances for programs.

2.2.2 Portails de ressources Suivi et Evaluation

  • EN: EES has compiled a list of relevant articles, blog posts and trainings linked with M&E.
  • EN: The Evaluation Support Service to the DG DEVCO of the European Commission have started to compile resources related to evaluation in time of crisis.

2.2.3 Portails de ressources redevabilité & mobilisation communautaire

  • EN: Connect:Covid-19 from Internews, Translators without Borders, BBC Media Action, and Evidence Aidis a weekly digest that will connect you with quality resources and fact-checked information designed to combat misinformation in the Covid-19 crisis.
  • EN: IFRC’s Community Engagement Hub continues to share community engagement and accountability into your Covid-19 operations. Especially, this resource provides recommendations on volunteers social mobilisation in remote context.
  • EN: IASC has created a portal of tools and resources aimed at those working on accountability and inclusivity in humanitarian response and a portal related to documents concerning readiness and response.
  • EN: TWB is offering a glossary, resources for lower literacy level context and language data.

2.2.4 Portails de formation

  • EN: Disaster-ready free training course for help responders of Covid-19 to learn more about the virus and steps to prevent its spread.
  • EN: Save the Children and Humanitarian Leadership academy collaborated on this Open access pathway for partners and local responders.

Pour voir d’autres ressources liées à la gestion de l’information développées par le CartONG, vous pouvez consulter la Bôte à outils Collecte de données sur mobile et la Boîte à outils Visualisation de données!